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Palissimo Company, founded and led since 2004 by its artistic director Pavel Zuštiak, is an interdisciplinary platform for research, development and production of live arts. Palissimo’s mission is to attain artistic liberty in pursuit of an authentic communion between performers and spectators, and to inspire and impact audiences and the art field. Palissimo is innovative in its approach to contemporary performance practices and has facilitated diverse artistic collaborations since its inception.

Often described as both human and humane, its works merges the abstract aspects of dance with the nonlinear qualities of theatre and mise-en-scène into multidisciplinary works that are rich in evocative imagery, piercing emotional resonance, and non-narrative/nonverbal content. Palissimo strives to provide original, transformative insight into the human condition while reaching spectators as multi-sensory theatrical experiences.

Palissimo. Art that moves.


Palissimo Inc. is a non-profit organization governed by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.

Founder, Producer, Director Pavel Zuštiak
Management and Communications Jason Collins

Dancers (past and present)
Benjamin Asriel, Gina Bashour, Nick Bruder, Giulia Carotenuto, Yoel Cassell, Ellen Cremer, Elena Demyanenko, Alberto Denis, Saar Harari, Sho Ikushima, Jeff Kent Jacobs, Emma Judkins, Ashleigh Leite, Lindsey Dietz-Marchant, Justin Morrison, Luke Murphy, Denisa Musilová, Matthew Rogers, Jaro Viňarský, Marýa Wethers, Anthony Whitehurst, Jeremy Xido, Pavel Zuštiak.

Collaborators (past and present)
Joe Levasseur, Christian Frederickson, Jason Noble, Ryan Rumery, Bobby McElver, Robert Flynt, Tal Yarden
Keith Skretch, Jose Aragon, Peter Ksander, Nick Vaughan, A.P. Andrews, Dan Stearns, Bruce Steinberg, Igor Dobričić, Simon Harding, Ásta Hostetter, Manny Palad, Elizabeth Moreau, Kamila Slawinski, Melinda Lee, Brian Gonzalez, Megan Carter.

A vivid, often anguished imagination shines through in Zuštiak’s work.
Brian Seibert, THE NEW YORKER

There is scant middle ground in Pavel Zuštiak’s work. Violence and desire, fear and rapture, pain and giddiness — he traffics in extremes, often slammed against one another in uncomfortably close quarters.
Claudia La Rocco, THE NEW YORK TIMES 

In an age where many creators make cookie-cutting an art, this company deserves kudos for boldly (and refreshingly) reinventing its approach with each new piece.
Ivan Talijančić, BACHTRACK

Jaro Vinarsky (in red) won 2013 Bessie for Outstanding Performance in BASTARD. With (from the left) Joe Levasseur, Pavel Zustiak, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, A.P. Andrews and Robert Flynt


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